Wednesday, 9 April 2014

BIOS : F2 & F12 Keys Not Showing At Windows Startup and not working.

F2 ,F12 , F8 or other bios keys neither show on start up nor they work on pressing.

This is the simplest solution and it is not in the whole internet and i discovered it also I made desperate search but non of the solution worked for me.

Step 1 : Take hard disk out of your laptop IF AND ONLY in boot sequence it is set as first choice to seek windows. I recommend to take out the hard disk.

Step 2: Put in WINDOWS XP 32BIT SP2 cd in your cd/dvd-rom . windows xp works for me thats why I wrote this , you can use other windows cd.

Step 3: when it asks to press any key do it.

Step 4: leave it until it gives you an error like It cannot start windows setup because there is no hard disk in the computer thats why it will have to stop. 

Step5: The cure is complete . Now restart your computer , you will see the default bios keys.

NOTE: Don't even think it is crap, because this is the whole procedure which worked for me in my Lenovo G570 laptop. Where not a single solution on the internet worked for me.

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