Tuesday, 6 May 2014

RE-Change to Default Installation Directory.

You will find alot of post on How to change the default installation directory, but there are not lot of post on how to restore it if something went wrong.

Changing the default installation directory is not an easy task , that can be done by anyone . So, if you have done this and you want to change but getting error message like this

                                    "Stop error code 0x00000051 (REGISTRY_ERROR)"

or something other:

here is the solution for this problem.

you need nothing to do :

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 key.
  2. Start with "safe mode" when you see the desktop. 
  3. Go to registry (It will definetly open reistery without showing error) .
  4. Then you can do what ever you want . you can easily roll back the settings which you have done.

Thanks and Comments! 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

GNUSim8085 Download (one click).

GNUSim8085 is a graphical simulator, assembler and debugger for the Intel 8085 microprocessor in Linux and Windows.  Several patches, bug fixes and software packaging have been contributed by the GNUSim8085 community. GNUSim8085 users are encouraged to contribute to the simulator through coding, documenting, testing, translating and porting the simulator.

You can download the simulator from the given link:

Direct Download Gnusim8085-1.3.7-with-gtk.

Direct Download Gnusim8085-1.3.7-without-gtk. 

Microsoft Office 2010 Key.

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