Saturday, 20 April 2013

S.M yousuf ( mathematical method + key of Chapter 8 ).

This is the file which contain chapter 8 from the book
"Mathematical Method By S.M Yousuf"
and the good thing for this is that 
these questions are solved.... :D

1. After clicking you will go to a new window named ""
2. Make your account there and login with your account.
3. There is a download button click on it and your download will start within 20 seconds.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2004 with key.

AutoCAD is a software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. The software supports both 2D and 3D formats. The software is developed and sold by Autodesk, Inc.,[1] first released in December 1982 by Autodesk in the year following the purchase of the first form of the software by Autodesk founder John Walker.


AutoCAD LT is the lower cost version of AutoCAD, with reduced capabilities, first released in November 1993. Autodesk developed AutoCAD LT to have an entry-level CAD package to compete in the lower price level. AutoCAD LT, priced at $495, became the first AutoCAD product priced below $1000. It is sold directly by Autodesk and can also be purchased at computer stores (unlike the full version of AutoCAD, which must be purchased from official Autodesk dealers).
As of the 2011 release the AutoCAD LT MSRP has risen to $1200. While there are hundreds of small differences between the full AutoCAD package and AutoCAD LT, currently there are a few recognized major differences[9] in the software's features:
  • 3D Capabilities: AutoCAD LT lacks the ability to create, visualize and render 3D models as well as 3D printing.
  • Network Licensing: AutoCAD LT cannot be used on multiple machines over a network.
  • Customization: AutoCAD LT does not support customization with LISP, ARX, and VBA.
  • Management and automation capabilities with Sheet Set Manager and Action Recorder.
  • CAD standards management tools.

AutoCAD 2004 System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium III or later, with 800 MHz or faster processor, or compatible(IF it is P4 then autoCAD will run good).
  • Microsoft Windows XP,vista,win7 (Professional, Home Edition, or Tablet PC Edition)
  • Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a or later)
  • 256 MB RAM

Microsoft Office 2010 Key.

Hope you find it useful. here it is:  TRVBJ-MP3CQ-C2FF3-VBCPX-WV2T9 Don't forget me in your prayers. Thanks and regrads  and li...