Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Remove Conduit Search complete instructions.

Conduit Search is an adware program that has changed your browser home page and default search engine to search.conduit.com.
Apart from this unwanted changes, Conduit Search has added a toolbar on your browser and whenever your are doing a search, it will display on the first search results their own ads.

1.uninstall conduit from your computer's control panel.
2.uninstall the toolbar from your browser(IE,FF etc)
3.run Ccleaner .

Ccleaner : A Windows utility that allows for easy cleaning of temporary files and obsolete registry keys.

Download ccleaner :

or any other source you wanna download ...

Instructions for CCleaner :
1.run ccleaner.
2.go to applications.
3.firefox ( check them as it is like in the pictures )

4.click on " analyse " .
5. After analyse complete find "run cleaner" and click on it.
6.when all is cleaned you are done.

enjoy.... you have done.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Microsoft Office 2010 Key.

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